open claim vineyards

“By virtue of the Donation Land Claim Act of 1850, Parcel #68 in Polk County Oregon was offered in open claim to anyone willing to nurture the land to life and meaning.” Open Claim Vineyards was born from that same pioneering spirit and that ethos is the driving design force behind this one-of-a-kind, destination tasting experience.

The design process started with sketches of floor plans illustrating different spatial organizations between public and private. Initially, the plan included an attached garage, but as the design developed it began to fit the rural barn aesthetic. The garage became a separate structure, creating the agrarian estate with home, barn, and outbuildings.

3D tools, like Sketchup, were used to help design the form, blending floor plans with elevations. These too start out as massing sketches and only progress in detail when we find a form that fits the architectural vision of the project.

Drawing inspiration from the barns that dot the Oregon landscape, simple elegance defines this project. The 1,000sf, vaulted tasting room is punctuated by exposed timber trusses, a wood burning fireplace and plastered chimney and expansive glass doors that can be thrown open, extending the space onto the patio and allowing up to 60 guests to share in the nurturing experience of this landscape.

Diagram by Lovinger Robertson

environmental features:

  • Solar array providing supplemental power to the tasting room.

  • Rain water catchment for landscape irrigation.

  • Local timber and finish materials were selected.


Material selection and interior design play an important role in the design process as we distill the mood and character of the project into the textures and colors that will be felt and seen throughout. From our internal material library to final samples and mock-ups during construction, we are always tracking and adjusting the material palette to fit with the constraints of the budget, availability, and client preferences.

Owners Brett & Marnie Wall felt the most intimate exposure to their wine would come if people were invited into their home. This magnificent space celebrates the agrarian heritage of the site and provides a business base for the winery and an enduring hosting venue for private tastings.

This concept provides the Walls, who currently reside in California, a welcome respite for their frequent visits. At other times, the bedroom suites offer a night of joyful hospitality for their VIP guests.

Despite the development of the 3D model, where we can detail out the interior space and materials, nothing quite conveys the character of a project to a client like a physical model. It is also a powerful tool for us to consider how the building will interact with the landscape and surrounding environment. The relationship of the building to the land is vital to the clients. They want to be stewards of the land as well as showcase the beauty of the site to guests. Brett and Marnie Wall brought Lovinger Robertson Landscape Architects to the design process shortly after we had solidified a floor plan. With Justine Lovinger and Jackie Robertson analyzing the dominant aspects of the site and views as well as the future vineyard expansion wishes of the clients, we worked collaboratively to finesse the exact location and orientation of the buildings.

Aerial sketch by Lovinger Robertson

craftsmanship features:

  • Custom timber truss design hand crafted in the field by the project carpenters.

  • Trimless window and door detailing.

  • Locally hand crafted plank doors.